Yue Minjun in his studio, Beijing, May 2007 by Jonathan Becker


Last night I was going to kyles after work at 930 so I text him that I was leaving and I ended up staying at work 10 minutes longer so when I get to his apartment his door is cracked so I opened it and he’s sitting there in a Freddy Krueger sweater doing a pageant wave with a huge scary smile. I threw all my stuff I was so spooked. He told me he had been sitting there like that waiting for me for 20 minutes.

I am so in love with him.

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oh and yesterday my boyfriend was like “don’t you have to go home and put on your uniform for work?” and I literally laughed in his face and said ” I do what I want, they don’t dare tell me what to do “

I have never worn a uniform to game stop and I never will. 

This was Monday night into yesterday. Kyle took me to this cemetery on a hill at like 11 Monday night and it was so beautiful. Lots of stairs to sit on and look at the stars. Then yesterday we visited his mom and brothers and watched movies. It was nice. I’m very happy with him in my life.


my mom might get our house back its a 90% chance right now which is good odds I guess, just not 100% until march, shes trying for sooner and im gonna live there again with her but i think things will be different since I’m never home, or at my grandparents where my stuff is, as it is. I spend 2 nights at kyles and 3 nights at my sisters so I am home maybe 2 nights sometimes I get to see kyle more. It will just be nice to not have a curfew and to be able to invite kyle over my house for once and cook him dinner and let him relax. 



Gorgeous Sunny Peach Coloured Blooms


I cant say it enough, how much I am in love with kyle. yesterday and today were such good days for us. He is so patient and kind and loving and cute and he makes me feel so good about myself. He loves me and I can feel it, and accept it. I am really happy in this relationship. 


I really need a vacation. I wish I had enough money to take me and Kyle away somewhere. We both really need it. Life is so hard.